Skype for Business User Quick Tip #43: Add a Menu Item to Meet Now in Your Dedicated User Meeting Space


Anthony Caragol has done a nice write up on how to add a “Meet Now in Dedicated User Meeting Space” which I wanted to include in this “Skype for Business User Quick Tip” series:

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How Many Delegates and Delegators Does the Skype for Business Client Support?

How many delegates and delegators does the Skype for Business client support? For a simple 1 to 1 Boss Admin scenario this question isn’t very relevant. But in scenarios where many admin’s takes care of many boss’s this question can come up.

According to this Microsoft KB 3043678 article: "Lync 2013 and Skype for Business support the following delegate and delegator relationship thresholds:

  • A boss (delegator) can have twenty-five administrators (delegates).  
  • An administrator (delegate) can have two bosses (delegators).”

But is there a hard limit? Apparently not. I did a test by adding a user as the delegate for 20 other user and it can be done and the functionality seems to work. BUT, ONCE AGAIN, IT APPARENTLY IS NOT SUPPORTED.

What is the experience of a delegate in the Skype for Business client when 20 other users have assign you as delegate?


making a call for one of 20 delegators:


Or how about “Meet Now” for another user when you are delegate for 20 users?


Alright, once again the supported limits are that an admin can only have 2 bosses.

To make the administration of assigning up to 25 admins as delegates for one boss a little easier you can use sefautil.exe or, even better, the free SEFAUtil Server tool. But each of these tools ultimately uses UCMA underneath which has a small bug related to assigning delegates that you might do well to be aware of. When you assign delegates using the Skype for Business client, the Skype for Business user who was made a delegate will receive a notification as show below:


If you do this task using (any version of) sefautil, the client will not receive this notification. To read more about this, click here.


Skype for Business Support Q & A: Common Causes of Users Reporting “Call Dropped on Answer”

The Landis Technologies Attendant Pro support team supports thousands of very heavy enterprise voice users in over 40 countries. As a Skype for Business MVP it is very interesting to sit at this perspective and watch trends develop in relation to support incidences we handle related to Skype for Business Enterprise Voice. In this series we will go over some of our experiences.

The question we will look at today is: Why did Skype for Business drop my call when I answered?

The scenario is the Skype for Business user has a call ringing in to them and they click answer and the call seems to have been dropped because no one is there. Why did Skype for Business drop my call? Over the years we have repeatedly dug into this issue by investigating the client logs related to this scenario. We have noticed is (at least) 2 things that repeatedly are the culprit:

  1. The remote user hung up just before, essentially at the same time or even slightly after the Skype for Business user answered
  2. The local user not understanding the headset use or configuration and hanging up on the caller inadvertently.

In Attendant Pro we have very sophisticated logging to log every user interface action an Attendant Pro user takes so we can see if the user (or Attendant Pro) initiated an action which allows to know to the millisecond what is happening.

#1- It is quite hard for an end user to determine issue #1 without someone technical looking at the logs. If the remote user hangs up BEFORE the Skype for Business user answers, there will be a missed call in conversation history. But if the remote user hangs up just after the Skype4B user answer there will not be an easy way for the user to determine what happened. Take a look at the logs.

#2 Can be eliminated by trying a different (simpler) headset to see if the issue stops. We have multiple scenarios where the users tried a different headset and the problem stopped. We haven’t parsed out the exact setting the was the challenge (auto answer on putting the headset on? some other auto answer feature? ) but trying a different headset has repeatedly solved the problem.

Video Review of the Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC


Below is my video review of the Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC.

A couple things that really stand out from my testing:

  • The WindSmart really does remove loud wind noise. I tested 12 inches in from of a fan on high and there is little wind noise.
  • The Mute Alter  works. I’m impressed.
  • Very nice build quality

Cloud PBX Auto Attendant & Call Queues First Look



Screen Shots

Auto Attendant


Call Queues


Screen Shot



Auto Attendant: Getting a Service Number (like getting conference numbers)


AA Setup


Call Queues (Uses Distribution Lists!)


Test button!


Release Timeline